How To Help Your Employees Get Fit

If you manage a company or are a manager of a team within a larger company, you might be hearing from your employees that they’re actively trying to seek a healthier lifestyle and get fit. This is absolutely great, however, many workplaces can be detrimental to health and get in the way of getting fitter, especially if there are vending machines full of unhealthy snacks, cake runs, and not much of an opportunity to get up and move around. If your employees are complaining that their work life is hindering their mission to get fit and healthy, here are a few things that you can do to help.

Provide Healthier Snacks and Meals

If there is a canteen at your workplace or a snack bar, providing healthy options as part of work place health programs is a great way to help your employees on their fitness journey. Whilst you can still keep the packets of crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks for those who aren’t bothered about eating healthy or just want a treat, providing fruit, salad, fresh fruit juice and water for your health conscious employees is a great way to ensure that coming to work won’t throw them off track.

Organise a Charity Run

If your organisation is affiliated with or supports any charities, or even if it doesn’t, organising a charity run is a great way to help your employees keep fit, stay healthy, and raise money for a good cause as well. Whether you choose to join in on a national charity run or simply do your own as a company, it’s a brilliant way to have some fun, get fit and help a good cause. You could even organise training days together as a team as a way to not only have fun and exercise, but a great way to get all your employees together to make new friends and strengthen existing friendships.

Discount Gym Memberships

If possible, providing your employees with a discount on a local gym membership simply for being part of your company is a great way to encourage them to join the gym and keep up their fitness journey. If working hours are long or nine until five, it might be best to find a gym that is open all weekend, or even has around the clock opening hours so it’s more convenient for those employees who have families and other commitments and find it hard to get to the gym to work out. 

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